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  • What is Antifa About?

    Antifa is a collective of militant anti-fascists committed to opposing the rise of the far-right in Britain and abroad. We believe in the 'no platform' philosophy and the tradition of fighting fascism/racism stretching back to Cable Street, Red Lion Square, Lewisham, and Waterloo. We are a network of various organisations and individuals who see anti-fascism as part of the class struggle.

    After decades of underperforming, the far-right now poses a significant threat politically. This initiative aims to bring together those who wish to act rather than talk. We aim to oppose the far-right's electoral politics and where possible by means of direct action. As well as street activities we aim to promote militant anti-fascism in the football and music areas. This website will serve as an information and activity site, we will post up any intelligence on far-right activities and invite other anti-fascists to join us in counter activities. The 'Antifa' initiative has come from members of the Anarchist Federation, Class War Federation, and No Platform. Although we come from the anarchist tradition we are open to work with any group/individual that is serious about militant anti-fascism, but we will NOT work with any state affiliated groups. If you are interested in getting involved then please contact us

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